The rocking device for baby crib with a pendulum mechanism

The unique design is protected by Russian Federation patent
for a utility model! There are no analogues!

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The rocking device for baby crib
in the interior

The magnet installed on the movable part of the crib in the hole Ø 15 mm
The device drive unit on the standing part of the crib
Baby pendulum mechanism crib with the installed rocking device

Set of drills for installing the device
(the Ø15 mm Forstner drill for the magnet hole and Ø11 mm drill for spigots holes)
as a gift when ordering any two devices!

Drills can also be purchased: Ø15 mm Forstner drill for $5, Ø11 mm drill for $3. 

How to install
the device on the crib?

The flagship model!
The latest development!

MODEL 3 Wi-Fi "Quiety"

The device has 6 intensities of rocking, the timer and reaction to crying of the kid. It operated with any modern smartphone, tablet, PC. The web server inside! English interface for international customers!

Download manual
120 USD   115.95 USD


Also on sale:

  • Model 0

    A simple device with a 1 intensity of the rocking without a remote control. To start the rocking you need to push the crib with your hand and to stop the rocking you need to stop it by hand.

    Download manual
    70 USD  62.95 USD


  • Model 1

    Device with 6 intensities of the rocking. Little keychain remote control with 4 buttons.

    Download manual
    99.95 USD


  • Model 2

    The device has 6 intensities of rocking, the timer and reaction to crying of the kid. The remote control with the screen and feedback.

    Download manual
    124.95 USD


How to operate
with "Quiety"

The rocking device is controlled by web-based interface through your usual Internet browser (eg, Chrome or Safari) from any phone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer.

It isn't required to install any software! Connection to the Internet also isn't required. Works on all operating systems and platforms!

Do you have Wi-Fi network in your local place? The rocking device can be connected to it in station mode. Do you haven't any Wi-Fi network? The rocking device can organize it by itself in access point mode!


Our crib with the very first rocking device, model 1

Another crib with installed rocking device, model 1

Rocking device mounting and video from our customers

The features of rocking devices
for baby crib with a pendulum mechanism

Totally silent – no hum
or squeak!

Does not contain any moving parts – no motors and thread which reduces the reliability!

Does not increase the dimensions of the cribs, does not alter its external and presentation

The rocking timer from 10 minutes to 24 hours – your baby rocks as much as you decide
(models 2 and 3)

6 levels of rocking intensity – (models 1, 2 and 3). You can choose the most comfortable mode for your baby!

Starting the rocking on the child crying with adjustable microphone sensivity (models 2 and 3)

How the device

How to install
the device on the crib?

Is our crib
suitable for the device?

Why we are the best?

Hello dear friends,

My name is Michael Karpesh, and I am a developer of rocking devices for baby crib with a pendulum mechanism. The first device I made in 2011 for my son, and then I figure out that there are hundreds of other families who need product like this. Then I opened a small company and a team of associates was found. Gradually the new models are developed and existing ones are improved.

Since 2012 we have been working with the company ZAOr "Krasnaya Zvezda", Mozhga, Russia's leading manufacturer of children's furniture.
Our devices are unique and there are no any analogues on the market. The production is protected by RF patent for utility model No. 112007.
We are constantly improving our products, promptly respond to the comments and wishes of our customers and partners. We have the own department of development and localized production. It gives to us the opportunity to make changes of design and software in shortest time.

Customer reviews

  • Nikolai Zakharkin,
    Tyumen oblast

    Michael, Hello. Yesterday I received the device, I paid only 200 rubles for shipping. Installed it today, works like a clock! The installation is extremely simple.
    Will test at night! Thank you.

  • Sapelnik Vadim,
    Khimki city, Moscow region

    Hello, Michael! Yesterday received Your parcel, once established. Very comfortable and brilliant thing! Thank you! Спасибо!

  • Valentine Nurlygayanova,
    Ufa city

    A month ago, it was a wonderful event and we had a baby daughter. For the two months before this event in preparation for it the baby crib was bought and assembled. During assembling I remembered that I saw the posts about creating a rocking device for baby crib. A found the fresh post about the new version of the device that is controlled via Wi-Fi.

    I contacted the author and purchased the device Model 3 Wi-Fi. The device has detailed instructions for installing and configuring, and I did not have any difficulties when installing and putting the unit into operation.

    First impression is: just WOW-effects for parents and guests!

    Impressions after a month of use: the device really works. Daughter sleeps more and better, thus save time and nerves for parents. Operating via Wi-Fi is just super convenient feature. No failures were found. Everything works as it should. Many thanks to the device developer for the wonderful idea and implementation. For parents who thinks that the child will receive less parental attention, don't worry! If the child feels some discomfort, he will attract attention no matter existing any devices :)

    It's highly recommended to purchase.

  • Eugene Koleganov,
    Kovrov city, Vladimir region

    Hello Michael!
    The device came by Russian Post. Today I installed it on our crib. It works well!
    Thank you very much!

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Order the rocking device for baby crib Model 3 Wi-Fi "Quiety"
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Add Ø15 mm Forstner drill for $5Add Ø11 mm drill for $3